Wednesday, October 25, 2006

fall 2. (favorite things about summer)

so after all my ranting about this summer and all that, I was thinking that while in many ways the past summer is a weird blur to me, and definitely a lot of difficult and sad and just crazy things happened, and I feel like I really missed the whole season in some ways (no swimming! no cape! no vacations at all! no beach! no camping! hardly any sleeping in the sun and reading a book! totally neglected garden! no roadtrips! no cookouts! etc)...a lot of awesome things happened...FIRST OF ALL...SO MUCH WINE AND HANGING OUT ON MY PORCH...thanks everyone...who that...
(since this blog always just ends up being a list of things that are great about my life to remind me to be positive):
*the day beth and i were talking on the phone and both realized we were actually in the same park and finally after much confusion found each other and hung out all afternoon laying on the grass, then went to whole foods and bought veggies and katie came over and we cooked dinner...I think it was Art Night ..2...there was definitely a clothing exchange...
*the night Katie & Hilary came over to drink to wine with me and have Girl Night and it happened to be the day all my kitchen stuff had been taken during the day and we had a hilariously good time drinking cheap white wine from pops on my porch and laughing about how I had no silverware or plates
*the night sarah came over and we went to stop & shop and bought blonde hair dye and tabloids and spent our saturday night bleaching our hair together and reading gossip and eating avocados and bread
*the night I was taking a random walk and it was hot and I ran into gwenan at woodstar and we ended up having dinner and so hung out for the first time ever outside of work and also I had shrimp for the first time in forever..the beginning of my vegeatarn downslide...and now I even eat bacon and sausage
*the veggie potluck dinner party at jeff's house, with that lasgana and those vegan ice cream sandwhiches, and jeff and i and jake and beth and rin and ben and matt and jocelyn and jeff's housemates and really good food and conversation
*the night hilary called me really late and demanded i come over to meet jenne and she and jenne were so drunk and i got drunk too and we sat on hilary's porch and there was much wine and nachos too
*all the Art Nights, and especially the one we were all driving around in erin's car and ali and erin were dancing to hiphop and sarah made us pull over so we could steal all those gladiolas and then they spilled off the kitchen table and there was that bad smell in my kitchen for weeks
* the night katie got erin to take off her shirt and then we all got kicked out of the WWII club
*the night I made eggplant curry for gwenan and then we went in the middle of the night for gelato in the pouring rain
*the day katie and I hung out on that raft on the lake at smith and made word collages
* the night I was walking downtown late and emily thought I was ali and called me over and i met matt and we sat across the street from woodstar on a curb and ate pastery at midnight
*going to the tri-county fair with jeff and taking pictures, and then driving around and finding the best free stuff ever all over noho
*that morning i randomnly had breakfast with kathryn and we had a gossip fest
*and the night katie and i went to walmart at 10pm for our NIGHT STREET TABLE TENNIS outfits, ie shorty shorts and teenaged t-shirts wit risque sayings, and decorated them in my kitchen really late with glitter puffy paint so they said "ass virgin" and "ass bandit"
*having max drive up here for dinner and meeting his wife and and cooking them a really good dinner (my most awesome homemade pesto and ravioli and tomatoes and mozzarella and hanging out and having the best time ive had with max in years and really feeling like our friendship was better after so many years of ups and downs especially that bad period when i was living in new york...its amazing what a good dinner made by me served on my awesome porch in early summer in new england will fix
*dancing crazy at divas, with all sorts of weird combinations of people
*seeing brian reading at woodstar like every single day all summer since my coffee grinder went away and I get my coffee out every single day
*the day that sarah and katie and i had the GIRLIEST DAY EVER and went to oh my for sex toys, then spent all afternoon at the mall, then played LIFE on my porch (remember sarah your career was "professional athlete"), then went to see SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!!
*all those late night trashy movies in hadley with sarah beth katie monica and all ("my super exgirlfriend! the devil wears prada! etc) where i brought my juice boxes of wine from work, and especially that night we stood around AND watched those boys try to break into their moms minivan
*sarah and I going to the blue heron really dressed up and dressed totally identically by accident, in little black dreses and gold hoop earrings...and eating amazing fucking scallops
*the night that sarah and nikki came back here after divas and we all hung out on my bed and I fell asleep and sarah and nikki took a photo of me sleeping and texted it to like everyone in the world I know including people who were not speaking to me at the time
*Art Night, in general, was awesome all summer....that one night that all those random people were there: erin and rachel and katie and ali and nikki and sam and rin and jeff and ross and leslie and sarah and god knows who else...
*the first night katie and i ever when to divas together and we spent most of the night drinking wine in her car in the parking lot and establishing our new friend vibe and I realized how awesome she was...yay wine with TWIST OFF TOPS!!!
*Obviously the night beth and I were having dinner (homemade saag paneer made by me y'all) and sarah came over to hang out and ran out of gas on the way at the interesction of king and finn and we learned that you don't put babies in gas cans (thanks cumberland farms on king street!) and ran around on the street waiting for help and decorated the stop sign on state street and played on the swings....

ok. just some random awesome things I remember from this past season. Many thanks to everyone involved. xoxo

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