Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If You Haven't Seen Me Lately (Art Notes)...'s because I've probably been sitting on the floor of my room gluing things together. Endlessly. I hang this show tomorrow, and that's good, because I am literally going crazy. I think.

I've been spending every night for way too many nights in a row staying up all night in my room sitting on the floor working on this set of paintings.

And this is the most personal work I have ever done ever.

So this is sort of like sitting around ripping open not-so-old, not-very-well healed scars over and over. Photographs, memories. Damn.

And listening to music and drinking wine and crying a lot.

Thanks so much to sarah sam and rin (some of my favoprite people) for picking me up and getting me to leave the house last night. Goth night has never been such a healthy thing. Love you guys very much. Y'all have no idea how much I needed human contact last night.

And thanks to brian tonight for the free wine to get me through one last night of this.

I have no idea if this work is even good. This is the first work I've done in ten years without my built in personal critic in the house. She would have put a stop to work this crazy personal and messy a long time ago.

My room looks insane. There is photographic imagery everywhere. And clothing. And wine bottles. And notes to myself. And jars of gel medium and water. I've been living in my bunny overalls and pink hooded sweatshirt (hood up at all times). Today I got up, excerised, worked for 8 1/2 hours, came home, and went straight to work. Today I have eaten one scone, way to much coffee, the free pistachios from the booth (thank you salt-free parrot), and a piece of cheese. I really need to try to stop and eat dinner. Since it's 12:04am now and all and I'm nowhere near ready for tomorrow.

I think after tonight I need to take a small break from either thinking about me or britney spears for a little while.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What I Need To Know

I have this very small collection of vintage reference/instructional manuals that I keep on my desk. I sort of think of this collection as my rules to life.

I am very selective when it comes to aquireing new volumes. I think everyone knows that I have hundreds of old hilarious books everywhere for the porpose of collage, but these books are special enough that they don't even get cut up. Amazing.

Today in the used book sale at the lovely library I found my next book. So now my rules to life consist of 1) Standard Handbook of Cosmetology, 1977, Livestock Judging Handbook, 1947, And The Good Housekeeping Needlework Encyclopedia, 1947. The Needwork Encoloypedia is the book I purchased today, and it begins with the absolutely charming sentence, "Women will always be interested in neeedlwork." This pleases me more than I can say.

I envision someday having a whole set, covering all sort of varied subject matter. Then I will know everything I need to know. What will the next be I wonder?

I love the weird used book sale at the library. Besides that gem of a needlework encyclopedia, I also took home a very strange Japanese English dictionary, a copy of by Nicholson Baker, and a copy of The Will To Change by Adrienne Rich in hardcover. All for only $5! Yay.

Can you tell from this entry that I have a show to hang on Thursday? And have 10 paintings in various stages of completion sitting around my room looking at me accusingly? And that Ive been up all night for the past two nights sitting on the floor cutting and gluing and painting over things? And naming. The naming is also important.

Back to work, lizzy.