Monday, March 12, 2007

10 things that were. Awesome. About today. In list format!

1. That it was 58 degrees! Yay spring.

2. At the library, when I was there returning books and all that normal shit, seeing some random person very closely studying my art work not knowing I was the artist and I was there. Much better than the opening in an artistic way, for me. Although the opening was a wonderful time to see all the people I love and hug them.

3. Walking around town running errands and overhearing some very adorable elderly ladies say about me, "oh to be young and walk that fast." Because I've had so much back and leg pain lately and have been limping so much despite my best efforts. And believe me people, I have been gritting my teeth and digging my nails into my palm in order to walk normally lately. So I really really appreciate moving fast without thinking about it.

4. Drinking wine on my porch and reading a book at twilight. For the first time this year. Even though I had to sit under a blanket because after all it's only March 12th.

5. Having a really nice conversation with g earlier and then cleaning my room majorly and doing a ton of the stuff on my ongoing to do list.

6. Having a reasonably pleasant conversation on the phone with my dad.

7. Not being in the kitchen when one of the light fixtures decided to randomly fall down and smash everywhere for no apparent reason. I like NOT having glass fall on my head.

8. Making another bizarre yet successful meal from leftover food from my opening since I am broke yet have a surplus of chips and crackers and cheese and salsa and cookies.

9. Remembering tonight while playing music in my room how much I love Madonna and Courtney Love.

10. Really really enjoying rereading Kate Atkinson's "Not the End of the World", possibly the best book ever written. Goddamn. To write like that. Man.