Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Ignore my little menu posts. I'm just practicing for the fictional restaurant that in my head I eventually open. And I'm addicted to Top Chef, I can't help it.

p.s. I'm really addicted to cooking right now. Want me to cook you dinner? Or to cook with me? Really, call me. Instead of going out ever, I cook extravagant meals and drink lots of wine. It's really pretty good.

Some Spring & Summer 08 menus

Menu NYC Union Square Farmers Market June 7th: Pomegranate Fennel curried lamb homemade sausage

Fresh baby spinach sauteed with olive oil

Raw milk jalapeno Cheddar cheese with homemade cranberry walnut bread

The world's best oatmeal raisin cookie with honey vanilla ice cream

Menu (summer) 6/9: From the garden southern style:

Black-eyed peas with vidalia onions and jalapenos, over white rice.

Fresh collard greens mixed with sorrel.

Green salad with edible flowers.

Menu 5/24: Scallop and Morel Mushrooms in a Cream Sauce with Fresh Basil, Thyme, White Wine, and Shallots over Orechette Pasta.

Chibatta Bread Pudding in a Markers Mark whiskey sauce.

Menu 4/30: Fiddlehead Ferns Sauted with Polish Sausage, Olive Oil, and Shallots.

Bay Scallops in White Wine and Butter, with Freshly Grown Parsley and Thyme

Fresh Local Roasted Asparagus

Menu 4/27: Fresh Tri-Colour Linguine with Homemade Pesto Tossed with Local Asparagus

Garlic Bread

Strawberry Shortcake

Monday, June 9, 2008


...I want to go and live by myself on a farm. A farm by the ocean. And only eat things I grow and gaze at green and blue. And sleep smelling the earth and sea.