Friday, January 11, 2008

today on the bike trail, these three teenaged boys were sort of hassling me, but like i was their age. like teasing me in a flirty kind of way. and by

today on the bike trail, these three teenaged boys were sort of hassling me, but like i was their age. like teasing me in a flirty kind of way. and by teenaged, i mean 13-14 years old. i mean, come on, boys, i'm 29. more than twice your age. please. could it have been the pigtails? or the fact that all my clothes came from charlotte russe? i don't know.

eggplant musings

today i came home from a walk in the pouring rain soaking wet. i'd been in a weird mood all day...woke up pretty early, but was kind of depressed and was feeling a really strong lack of purpose, so went back to sleep for way too many hours. when i woke up i was still sort of mopey. i don't know. rainy day stuff i guess.

but then i actually went for a walk and got soaked to the skin and felt better for some reason. i guess it was rather cleansing. and then the weather broke just after i got home, and as i walked up the stairs to my room in my dripping jeans the sun came out just as it was setting, and made my room sort of glow.

then since no one was home (which is sort of rare around here) i went down to the kitchen and made eggplant parmesan and played the new mixtape i just made very loudly. eggplant parmesan is one of my oldest comfort recipes, along with tuna casserole. those are the two things i learned to cook from my mom and the first things i cooked when i got my own apartment in college. and the things i cooked to impress girls when i was seventeen. uh-huh.

this was not supposed to be a post about cooking eggplant, by the way, but i did have the thought that i may be happiest by myself at home in my sweatpants frying eggplant, listening to good music loudly, drinking a glass of wine, watching a sunset, and dancing.

i am generally happiest cooking i think. i am also very happy working in my sketchbook, but then i have guilt about the purpose of the activity, why am i doing this, is this a waste of time, etc. cooking gives me the same feeling, only i know the purpose.

i don't know. maybe i've been reading too many food books. since i have all this time to read, i have this whole reading this of food writing. currently, it's "heat" by bill buford, next will be "trail of crumbs" by kim sunee or "real food" by nina planck. for those of you even remotely interested in my reading list.

or maybe i'll just read the new "in touch". oh britney. how has it come to this?

Monday, January 7, 2008

overheard on the northampton bike trail recently...

"no i don't think you cheat on me all the time, just some of the time"

"well i think it all started with your slutty roommates and with the police showing up at my parents house"

"you have a doctor's appointment on a friday, that's so gay ... no, my mom made the appoinment, my mom's gay"

good times (warm weather, melted cheese, and badass outsiders)

1. the fact that it was 50 degrees out today, and will be 65 tomorrow. i know it was a horrible illusion, but GOD DAMN it was nice to walk outside today in the sun wearing only a hoodie and my favorite blazer and my giant dolce & gabbana sunglasses feeling the melting snow drip onto my head and pretend it was spring for a moment. i'm going to shove all the snow off the picnic table in my backyard tomorrow and sit on top of it in a t-shirt and make believe i am sunbathing. i know globwarming is very bad and all, but i am a californian by birth. i fuckin' hate new england winters. bring on the 65 degree january days. fuck it, i should just move back south.

2. i can lately manage to cook a little, mostly because my good arm has gotten pretty freaking strong. and i can use my left hand enough to steady things, as long as i don't lift them. anyway. so tonight i made homemade macaroni and cheese from the martha stewart cookbook (the old, intense one, not the new trashy one). with life nine cups of cheese and proscuitto too. it was sort of insane, if i do say so myself. and i said "fuck you, martha" and made the crust out of ritz crackers and melted butter like my mum taught me and it was way better them the homemade breadcrumbs martha recommended. plus, i haven't cooked from this cookbook in a while and forgot that all the recipes are for 12 people so i made a ridiculous amount and now tomorrow i can use the leftovers to make the fried macaroni and cheese balls from the paula deen christmas magazine i've been dying to do. good times.

3. i was flipping through channels trying to escape from the horror that was the i love new york 2 reunion show, and found john waters' 'cry baby' on encore. which i'd been wanting to see lately anyway. which is such an awesome movie. plus john waters is my idol because he collects fake food like i do, and keeps it randomly all over his house. and he loves baltimore and provincetown, two places i love love much. i love ricki lake in crybaby so much i can't stand it. sad that she turned into some sort of lame weight loss champion. my new project while i'm still on the disabled list is to rewatch all john waters movies. maybe i should finally go ahead and get a netflicks subscription.