Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I like. With Dinner.

I like driving home from during a gorgeous spring dusk with my windows open listening to the silver jews' american water, after a day in which I did every single thing I was apprehensive about, and all those things I think I did well, and going home to a pleasantly empty house to cook an elaborate recipe I invented in my head while walking in the sunshine on my break, and making the food even more delicious by using my kitchen window garden for the first time, and starting to pack for my trip to the desert while smelling my own rosemary and thyme cooking, walking barefoot in my kitchen by myself wearing my green corduroy apron and my oldest tshirt.

For those interested, the invented recipe was: Olive Oil Garlic Chicken breasts with artichoke hearts and green peppers, in a reduced sauce of fresh rosemary, thyme, parsley, white wine, tomato puree, and vietnamese chili sauce over middle eastern couscous. Inspired by the sunshine, by a recipe in the new Rachael Ray magazine, and by the book on Cuba Vanessa lent me I finished today.